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Visit the expanded Career Centre in the newly renovated space at the foot of the escalator in the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. You will find:

• Online access to the job offerings on The Partnership's national job board
• Career Centre volunteers ready to answer your questions
• Opportunities to mentor and mentors to question
• Mock Interviews – watch the OLA listservs in January and February for the opportunity to schedule a “real” interview with a real professional – receive feedback to help you in your job search
• Living Library – experts in various areas will be available for “check-out” – look for the schedule in early 2010!

The Career Centre Host this year is Kathy Deiter, Hamilton Public Library and a roster of experienced professionals. Jim Brett, Guelph University Library, and Yvonne Patch, Hamilton Public Library are organizing the Mock Interviews.

A “Conference-within-a-Conference” developed for library school students and new professionals just beginning their career lives. Mix and match the “quick sessions” and the regular Super Conference sessions. Visit “Meet-the-Employer” displays set up by all types of library institutions – typical of the institutions you may find yourself applying to. Book an individual consultation with one of the library leaders to discuss your personal career path or to have your résumé critiqued.

Networking is not about getting a job but about maintaining your position throughout your life.

People come together at Super Conference to meet their colleagues. This is one of the pleasures and values of events like this.

How do you network?
But what if you do not already have a "network"? How do you engage 4,500 people and transform 4, or 40, or 400 into your personal support system? Not only newcomers face this challenge, many experienced people have difficulty as well. But this is the place to be.

Networking: the session
Wednesday evening, we offer a special combined social get-together with real help. The Art of Networking is offered to new members and first-time conference goers to showcase what the experts suggest you do to meet people and to build a life-long enduring network. Be sure to attend Session 100 The Art of Networking. Debbie Chaves, Wilfrid Laurier University, Tamara Stojakovic, Mississauga Library System, and the OLA 2010 Presidents stand ready to push things along!

Super Conference social events
There are a huge number of social events and they are all free with registration. While social events help you have fun and meet people, the whole conference is a networking opportunity if you know what you are looking for and what to do.


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