Here’s how! 

 2.   Gather and Document Evidence

        Collaborative Planning Guides         

What is it?

What does it look like?

Completing this form is the first step in the collaborative process of planning a research unit. It should be filled out by the teacher and followed up by the teacher-librarian. New teachers or first-timers to the research process may need some assistance.

Let’s Work Together for Student Success!

Planning to bring your class to the library?

Please take a minute to complete this form before we meet to share ideas and plan a dynamic research experience for your students!

Teacher ____________________

Today’s Date ___________

Course Code ________ Block ______

# of students ______

Unit of Study ______________________

Projected Timeline of Unit ___________

Preferred meeting time(s) _____________






Click here for full template:
Collaborative Planning Guide
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What does it tell me?

  • That the teachers on my staff recognize this as an important part of the research process
  • The number of teachers using the library for collaborative planning
  • The disciplines involved in the library program
  • The grade levels involved in the library program
  • The extent of the role of the teacher-librarian in assessment
  • How well my library is being used
  • That I may or may not have sufficient resources for particular units of study
  • Which Library guides are being used and what other ones need to be developed