How do I begin? Here’s how! 

 1.   Plan and Proceed

 Take a look at your current program.  Are you …
            partnering with colleagues?
  designing and teaching collaborative units?
  assessing student learning?
  building an information skills continuum?
  running literacy programs?
  promoting the love of reading?
  enhancing learning through ICT skill integration?
  establishing community outreach initiatives?         

         Now evaluate your strengths and your weaknesses in these areas. 
         Continue to build and gather evidence based on your strengths. 
         Target areas for improvement. 
         This is a great place to begin!

         Choose your starting point, then:
             gather data from students, parents, colleagues and administration
  take an active role in planning, assessing and evaluating student learning
  collect student work
  become involved in and knowledgeable of your school improvement plans
  target a specific need (grade, student, unit)                                                                  Next: Gather and Document