Questions to ponder as you explore

       Because of your school library, what are your students able to do?
       What have your kids become? Who have your kids become?
       How has your school library helped kids learn?
       How does the school community see you? What is your impact?

For additional information see multimedia presentation by Dr. Ross Todd

Rather than dragging your heels, making mountains out of molehills and running
around in circles, pick up the toolkit and start building!

Dr. Ross Todd 

            Some Questions and Answers:   

Will it take a lot of time?

No, it’s just being aware of what you do daily.
Collaboration Log Template doc pdf
Collaboration Checklist/Log Template doc pdf

Do I have the skills to take this on?

Yes! This toolkit will help you. 

Where do I start? How do I begin?

Start small. Gather stories, collect student work and reflect on how you made a difference.
Plan and Proceed 

What do I collect as evidence?

Collect a few of your success stories.
Gather and Document 

How do I share my stories?

There are so many ways! Work to your strengths. Communicate and Celebrate 

Who needs to hear about my program?

Absolutely Everyone!
Communicate and Celebrate