Between Two Worlds
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Information Sources

Step One: Finding the Facts

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (Federal Government) outlines the laws and process for international adoptions in Canada:

The Government of Canada’s website offers links to government information on intercountry adoption services:

The Adoption Council of Canada is a charitable organization whose aim is to inform Canadians on the benefits of adoption. Their page on the adoption process outlines what adoptive families must do before being considered as eligible to adopt children from Canada or elsewhere in the world:

Children’s Bridge is an organization that helps Canadians adopt internationally. Their “Frequently Asked Questions” provides insight into the adoption process.

The Cultural Profiles site gives an overview of life in China and the Chinese cultural community in Canada. Although the site has not been updated in some years, the Family Life section provides some useful background information:

Step Two: Seeing the Facts from Different Points of View

Stronger Than Blood is a journalistic article about international adoption. It outlines the process and issues about Canadians adopting internationally:

Families with Children from China is a support group for adoptive parents. This link is to the website of their Toronto chapter: is a support organization for adoptive families in the U.S.. Their article on issues surrounding transracial and transcultural adoption is also useful in the Canadian context:

Human Rights Watch, a non-governmental organization concerned with human rights, published this report on concerns about Chinese orphanages:

The Council of Europe’s 1999 report, International adoption: respecting children’s rights:

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