Children of Conflict
Information Sources
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Information Sources

Sources for Part One:

Overview of how conflict affects the world’s children, from BBC International:

CIDA’s Youth Zone has a wealth of information on issues affecting children. Select Development Topics for more information, especially on War-Affected Children and Child Soldiers.

UNICEF’s summary of human rights issues, many of which relate to children of conflict:

Free the Children’s War-Affected Children summarizes problems facing children in areas of conflict:

Amnesty International’s Child Soldiers summarizes how this issue affects human rights:

Sources for Part Two:

UNICEF’s Information by Country summarizes the issues facing children around the world. Select the country/area that you are researching:

UNICEF’s Reaching the Vulnerable summarizes actions needed to improve the lives of children in crisis areas:

The Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers was formed by a group of major non-governmental agencies wanting to take action on this issue. Their Regions page links you to information fact sheets by country and region:

Be the Change - How you can take action to make a difference to the world’s children:

CIDA’s Youth Zone has great ideas for making a difference. Link to the Youth Zone and select How to get involved, or Global Youth Ambassadors.

UNICEF’s Voices of Youth empowers youth to take action locally and globally:

Free the Children: Children Helping Children Through Education, founded by Canadian Craig Kielburger.

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