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Fundraising Ideas

It is our hope that students who have been touched by what they’ve learned through the Be the Change units will be motivated to make change in whatever way is manageable and meaningful for them. There are suggestions for ways to “be the change” at the bottom of each lesson available online. Of course, another way to make change is through donating funds, and so we envision students, with the help of teachers and teacher-librarians, initiating and participating in fundraising activities as one way to affect change in the lives of others.

In order for fundraising to be meaningful to the students, we think it is important that it goes hand in hand with learning, and is participatory. It could be that Be the Change is a focus for the entire school, in which case most students would be aware of the context of and reason for fundraising. Where that isn’t the case, classes may want to consider ways of informing others in the school population of the issues that they are learning about, in order to give a context to the fundraising (or even if you choose not to do fundraising!). This could be done through drama activities and presentations, poster campaigns, P.A. announcements…there are many possibilities.
  • I’ve Changed For Change–Students can charge whatever agreed upon amount (a twoonie) for a coupon that allows them to wear a hat in class, chew gum, wear their pajamas, bring a stuffed animal, whatever theme is chosen. This could be done once a month to raise money throughout the year. Download coupon.
  • Dress as a Right­students dress-up as one of the Rights of the Child, could be a contest or simply a dress up day
  • Ugly tie contest
  • Candy Grams
  • Penny Rally–measure the length of your change
  • Penny carnival
  • Day of Community Service–get people to support you with pledges
  • Make postcards / greeting cards–to sell
  • Battle of the Bands / Open Mic / Talent show / concert–donate admissions
  • Balloon Pop–people pay to pop a balloon, inside is a message, some balloons have prizes
  • Kiss a Pig / dance–get the support of several teachers. Each teacher has a jar in the cafeteria, whoever’s jar has the most money put in it by students has to kiss a pig in front of the school, or dance for 5 minutes in front of the school.
  • Guess the age of your teacher–Students pay to guess the age of their teacher on ballots. Have a draw from the correct answers and that person wins a prize
  • Guess the baby–what teacher’s baby picture is this?
  • Heads or Tails 50 / 50–participants pay to take part. Have everyone stand and decide heads or tails and indicate it by either touching their heads or “tails”. Flip a coin. Those choosing correctly will stay in the contest others sit down. This goes surprisingly fast, and is lots of fun.

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