Watch This Space
Hadley Dyer, Marc Ngui
Kids Can Press


Hadley Dyer

Hadley Dyer grew up in Kingston, Nova Scotia, where she dreamed of
moving to a land with public transit. These days, she spends a lot of
time waiting for streetcars in Toronto, as well as walking and biking
between the public spaces of her adopted city.
Hadley contributes regularly to OWL and chickaDEE, writes the Live
Better column in The Globe and Mail, teaches in the publishing progam at
Ryerson University, and is a freelance editor. Her first novel, Johnny
Kellock Died Today, was a finalist for Red Maple Award.
Lately, she has been spending time in East Africa, working with authors
for teens, having close encounters with the subjects of her book
Endangered Chimpanzees, and blinding people when the sun reflects off
her skin.

Marc Ngui

Marc was born in Georgetown, Guyana, and grew up in Windsor, Ontario. He has been making zines since 1989. He divides his energy equally between his inkwell and his digital drawing tablet.

Recent projects include illustrating a children’s book about public space and urbanism titled Watch This Space to be put out by Kids Can Press in the spring of 2010; an interpretation of Timothy Leary’s Eight Circuit Model of Human Consciousness as a “totem pole” Flash animation called Totem Pill <> ; and an oversized book-painting called Rotate Thought Objects: I’m Ready for My Chip <> .

These days Marc is working on a graphic novel.

To see a truly heroic variety of drawing styles, go check out Marc’s drawings on his website, Bumblenut Pictures <> .