Melanie Jackson
Author of: Shadows on the Train
Place of birth: Scotland
Place of residence: Vancouver, B.C.

Do you have Shadows on the BRAIN?

I sure do, cuz Shadows on the Train is nominated for the 2008 Silver Birch Award! WHOA! My author, Melanie Jackson, is so thrilled she's speechless.

Which is why I, Dinah Galloway, am taking over this official OLA biography. I'm never speechless.

I'm — ahem! — the star of the Dinah Galloway Mystery Series, published by Orca Books. In Shadows on the Train, I travel across the country to sing on a Toronto TV show. See, I'm a singer as well as a detective. But along the route, people start disappearing! First is my sweet, if rather dotty, elderly piano teacher, Mrs. Chewbley. Then my buddy Talbot vanishes, and then — well, my space here on this Web site is going to vanish, too, if I continue. You get the picture. Now you see someone ... now you don't. Meanwhile, I'm on the trail of a missing treasure! Talk about a trip going off the rails.

So, about Melanie. Well, she was born in Scotland and grew up in Toronto, attending — roll call! — Rippleton Road, Bennington Heights, and then Branksome Hall before getting her B.A. at the University of Toronto and Master's in Journalism at Western. A total Alfred Hitchcock fan, Melanie was a reporter and free-lance writer before she saw the light of day and created — ta da! — ME!

Melanie and her family, including a cowardly cat just like mine, live in Vancouver. So do I! She likes to play the piano — I DO NOT. I hate practicing.

I have a much more exciting life than the ebony-and-ivory-tickling Melanie does, because I solve mysteries. My other adventures to date can be found in the bibliography section ('other books'). My next adventure (spring 2009) is The Queen of Disguises. It features a special repeat guest-star villain: Beak Nose Bridey, from The Man in the Moonstone.

Oh, here's Melanie, not quite so speechless in this video, to tell you more about Shadows. Gosh, I hope nothing sinister happens to her ... When you've finished shuddering, check out my blog!

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