Kari-Lynn Winters
Author of: Jeffrey and Sloth
Place of birth: St. Thomas, Ontario
Place of residence: Vancouver, B.C.

Jeffrey and Sloth is Kari-Lynn's first book. It is about a child writer, a bossy sloth, and how to overcome writer's block.

As a child Kari-Lynn Winters spent many days, like Jeffrey, staring at the blank page or doodling in the margins. She didn't really like writing, but she did like storytelling. Her favourite subject in elementary school was recess because she could act out funny stories with her friends.

Since then Kari-Lynn has moved around a lot and held many different jobs. She grew up in St. Thomas, Ontario where she coached gymnastics and supervised a day camp. She moved to St. Catherines, Montreal, and Ottawa to work for theatre companies as an actor, lighting and sound designer, and stage manager. Then she moved to Toronto to become a teacher. She now lives in Vancouver with her husband, two children, and two cats. She attends the University of British Columbia and is working on her Ph.D. in literacy education.

Today she loves writing—especially picture books. She also enjoys acting out fun stories with her friends from The Tickle Trunk Players.

Kari-Lynn says the best thing about writing for children is that she can share silly ideas in funny and crazy ways and that she can talk to children about the stories they like to read and write.

How to Contact: e-mail kari@kariwinters.com
Web site: kariwinters.com

Ben Hodson
Illustrator of: Jeffrey and Sloth
Place of birth: Guelph, Ontario
Place of residence: Ottawa, Ontario

Ben Hodson has loved drawing ever since he could pick up a pencil. As a kid he loved creating his own superheroes and aliens. He drew them constantly, even sometimes when he should have been doing his math homework! Ben is self-taught and believes that to become an artist you have to draw what you love to draw...even if that means sketchbooks full of three-headed aliens. In addition to hours spent wielding a pencil, Ben has been known to embark on great adventures. He has enjoyed hiking the Rockies with wild burros, living in a Nepali mountain village, and drawing comics with youth in South Africa. Ben illustrates mostly for children in books, magazines and textbooks. He lives in Ottawa with his wife, May, and his daughter, Zoe.

How to Contact: e-mail benjhodson@hotmail.com
Web site: www.benhodson.ca


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