Marlene Turkington

Library Coordinator, Thames Valley District School Board 1999- ; teacher and teacher-librarian, 1975- . Canadian Association for School Libraries President 2005-2006; Membership Director, Association for Teacher-Librarianship in Canada. Editor, On Your Own Research Resource Documents and Teacher-Librarian Handbook, Administrators Handbook); Curriculum Editor, Teaching Librarian (OSLA); reviewer, Resource Links (ATLC). Instructor and presenter, Additional Qualification courses, conferences, leadership programs and Board workshops. Woodstock Library Board trustee, 1994- , chair 1999-2003. Ministry of Culture Volunteer Award (1994-2003).
Mentor to: Anita Brooks Kirkland, Library Consultant, ITS, Waterloo Region District School Board

I have the pleasure of driving Marlene to TALCO meetings several times a year, since she has a dislike of driving in Toronto. Marlene has a wealth of experience, and I tell her that these conversations on the 401 have been a major part of my training as a consultant. What a wonderful opportunity to be able to pick the brains one-on-one of such an experienced person. On at least one occasion our animated discussion caused me to miss my exit! I will always be grateful to Marlene for how much she has helped me.

Anita Brooks Kirkland