Carol Koechlin
Mentor to: Deborah Braithwaite, Oakridge Junior Public School,Toronto

I met Carol Koechlin my first day of teaching. Carol calmly, coolly but determinedly helped me get my feet on the ground my first year of teaching. This was 1988 and Carol as the Teacher-Librarian embraced the philosophy of “Partners in Action”. We shared many wonderful times planning, implementing and reflecting on the units we created. I often think about the tremendous effect Carol had on the learning of her students. Thanks to her they were truly prepared to be active participants in the information age. And I was prepared to be a Teacher-Librarian. Fortunately, Carol has continued to mentor me and in her calm, cool but determined manner she continues to inspire me to learn, develop new skills and remain curious.

Deborah Braithwaite

Mentor to: Diana Maliszewski, Agnes Macphail Public School, Toronto

Carol Koechlin was the Instructional Leader for the former Scarborough Board of Education (later TDSB) and she was my teacher for my Additional Qualification courses in Librarianship (I took my part 1, 2 and specialist all with Carol through York University). Carol has been a huge influence on me. She is so knowledgeable and knows me well; she can harness the "unruly" parts of me and channel it into worthy projects, like being a family of schools facilitator. I fondly recall working on an individualized project with my friend Sue Amadeo on "Learning By Design". I find it very hard to say no to Carol and she has reeled me into many different "schemes". She hooked me and my colleague and friend Deborah Braithwaite into Evidence Based Practice before we even fully understood the concept, but that's Carol's magic and influence at work. I use the books she has written regularly in my program - I am proud to say that I know her.

Diana Maliszewski