Jane Kirkpatrick
Mentor to: Cathy Matyas, Waterloo Public Library

My mentor is Jane Kirkpatrick, who retired as CEO from the Stratford Public Library a few years ago and now runs a business called "CEO To Go".

Jane hired me as the Deputy Director at Stratford, from the North York Public Library system. It was a big change for me, moving from a larger library system to a single library in a smaller community. But I learned so much about public librarianship, core professional values, and the political environment in the few years I worked with her. Jane made every day a challenge (whether you wanted it or not!)

Jane achieved more in a small library environment and for the Stratford community than I've seen happen in many larger library communities. She created a dynamic, progressive library service for the community, and positioned the library as an essential service within the municipality. She was an excellent administrator - a gutsy individual who made all of us who worked with her feel the urgency and importance of our work in public libraries.

There are a number of library managers and Chief Librarians in Ontario and further afield who worked under Jane and who have felt her influence. I count myself lucky to be among them!

Cathy Matyas