The Marjorie Fleming Mentoring Fund is the brainchild of Lynne Howarth, former dean of the Faculty of Information Studies at the University of Toronto. It is a totally unique and enduring initiative, supporting the current mentoring activities of the Association and, at the same time, honouring those who mentored you.

Lynne Howarth invites you to donate to the Fund in the name of a person who was your mentor. These are not the people who necessarily caused the major changes that will be in library history books, but, in the long run, these may be the people who had the most significant influence on where we have come. We made Ontario's libraries great; our mentors made us great.

Marjorie Fleming, the Head of Children’s Services at the George H. Locke Branch of Toronto Public Library in the 70s, was Lynne’s mentor and she remembers the support she received with great affection. Most of us can instantly identify our mentors and have great memories of the relationship. Lynne’s idea for the Mentoring Fund is such a fine way to acknowledge the impact these wonderful people have had on our lives.

The Marjorie Fleming Virtual Wall of Honour describes our mentors and how they have changed us over the years. Entering your mentor is a one-stop process on the Web. Click on Donate (above left) for a description of the information you will need to provide and for access to the donation form. A mentor on the Wall of Honour can have more than one champion. You are invited to visit the Virtual Wall of Honour for all of the mentors identified by donors to date. This is an enormously imaginative and thoughtful project that does honour to us all. Thank you, Lynne Howarth, for the inspiration!

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