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From the Editor

By Michael Ridley

Welcome to the Winterl issue of Access.

During his tenure as Editor-in-Chief Wayne Jones has transformed Access into a leading professional magazine that is both visually appealing and content rich. I want to congratulate him on a tremendous achievement but I do wish he hadn't set the bar so high. My objectives as the new Editor-in-Chief are to build on the strong foundation Wayne has established and to expand the magazine into some new territory.

Working with the Access Editorial Board and the OLA Board of Directors, we are planning feature articles from commentators within the library community as well as the observations of those from different sectors. The quality writing will be augmented with enhanced visuals (photographs and illustrations) and links to online content that complements the print issue. Look for new columns, new features, and as always, interesting and challenging perspectives. Most importantly, all our efforts will to continue to make Access relevant to all OLA members.

A priority this year is to extend Access to the web. Working with the new OLA website infrastructure, Access online will add a more timely, participatory element and expand the types of content we can include. Look for integration with social media, video content, audio interviews, breaking news, broader coverage of local events and celebrations, and extended coverage of feature articles. Access online will be unique as well as a bridge from the print edition.

In future issues, I hope to use this editorial space for true editorials. These will focus on pressing issues within libraries, librarianship, and the information professions. I hope these contributions will be engaging, insightful, and perhaps a bit controversial.

The winter issue you have in your hand illustrates the range and diversity of ideas and concerns that engage OLA members. From QR and VR to serving the underserved and assisting in strengthening governance, the insights here are both practical and forward thinking. We can learn from other provinces ("What Your Patron Reads") and challenge ourselves from the international perspective ("A Library in the Land of the Thunder Dragon"). And we can celebrate the often unsung leaders (Mary Black in "Thunder Bay Public Library - 100 Years Later") that move our libraries forward. This issue is filled with stories from the field, helpful guidance, personal journeys, and quiet inspiration.

I look forward to working with our talented contributors. I also encourage you to participate by suggesting ideas or submitting a contribution yourself. This is your magazine. Contact me at or follow me on Twitter @AccessOLA and engage me in discussion.

Michael Ridley, the Editor-in-Chief of Access, is the former Chief Information Office and Chief Librarian at the University of Guelph and is currently on sabbatical.