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About Access Magazine
Access is the official magazine of the Ontario Library Association, published for members as a continuing education service to keep them informed of its activities and of events, trends, and issues affecting the association as well as libraries all across Ontario and beyond. The magazine is a forum for discussion, a place for news, and a source of ideas for the development and improvement of librarianship in the province.

Specifically, Access publishes articles on topics relevant to the constituencies reflected in the main divisions of OLA: college and university libraries, library and information technology, public library boards, public libraries, school libraries, bibliothèques francophones, and health libraries. The magazine also publishes a wide range of columns and features with information and commentary of interest across a broad range of divisions and readerships.

Issues are mailed to all members in April, June, August, and December.
The complete text of all issues except the current one, as well as selected online-only full text, is also archived and freely available here online. The full text is indexed and available in EBSCO databases.